Emission Schedule

Updated emissions schedule

With the release of SteakHut's novel liquidity management platform, SteakHut Liquidity V2, SteakHut has undergone a review of tokenomics focussed on the platform's evolution.

As such the original emission schedule has been replaced by the below updated guide.

The emission schedule is subject to change depending on market conditions and should be treated as a guide only.

Emissions as of November 2023

As of November 2023, the SteakHut treasury reserves over 230,000 $STEAK tokens for protocol rewards.

Updated Emission Guidelines

$STEAK emissions will be scheduled over a 3-year period, ending August 2026, at a constant rate of 6380 STEAK/month.

Emissions will be rewarded to SteakHut's liquidity vaults via our masterchef contract, allowing for constant emission of tokens to incentivized strategies.

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