Fix Errors

How to fix common errors

This is the first place to start if you run into any unexpected errors or bugs while using the SteakHut dApp.

First of all, ensure a good secure internet connection while operating DeFi applications and double-check that your wallet is connected to the dApp via the correct blockchain.

Then progress to refreshing the webpage and cache with the following options:


First, try a simple page reload. This option will not delete the cache.

F5 or CRTL + R or

Hard Reload

This option will delete the cache of the particular page and redownload everything. This will help users reload the dApp following updates or when experiencing bugs.


Empty Cache

This will clear the cache of your entire browser. This is a good option if you are facing systemic errors in browsing multiple sites.


Feel free to reach out via Discord and lodge a ticket via our official support ticket for help. Ensure to avoid any unsolicited DMs or external links from untrusted parties operating on Discord.

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