Welcome to the Herd!
SteakHut Finance is the next generation of yield-boosting protocols on Avalanche. SteakHut is powered by Trader Joe and their veTokenomics model. In essence, SteakHut is a yield optimization protocol that allows you to enjoy boosted yields on your Trader Joe farming, even if you don't own any JOE.
Similar to the Curve wars and more recently the Platypus party, SteakHut's mission is to accumulate as much veJOE as possible and allow users to receive significantly boosted rewards by staking in SteakHut’s boosted pools.
SteakHut aggregates ve or "Vote Escrow" tokens, allowing our users (the Herd) to unlock the benefits. Users who Zap their $JOE with SteakHut for hJOE receive $STEAK emissions.
$STEAK (our governance token) own the SteakHut protocol and benefits from revenue shares. $STEAK-Holders also unlock the highly sought-after voting power from veJOE.
Our goal is to bring the highest yields to the Avalanche community by offering the lowest fees and highest rewards!
SteakHut: Enjoy Boosted Yields
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