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Welcome to SteakHut

The Liquidity Layer of Web3
At SteakHut, we have set out to re-envision the liquidity landscape of Defi. SteakHut liquidity is an active liquidity management and decentralized market-making platform that allows users effortless access to and management of tailored liquidity strategies across all key concentrated liquidity AMMs (CLMMs).
We have designed SteakHut with liquidity providers in mind and created a liquidity solution offering retail-friendly and institutional-grade market-making solutions for on-chain liquidity. SteakHut aggregated liquidity management across all key DEXs and blockchains into a single platform, giving users a suite of tooling and analytics.
SteakHut Liquidity offers the most composable and flexible smart contracts available across Web3, giving liquidity providers and liquidity seekers complete autonomy over their liquidity.

Unlocking the Potential of SteakHut: Product Snapshot:

With SteakHut, users gain access to a powerful suite of features that redefine their experience of providing liquidity on-chain.
  • Automate and Optimize Concentrated Liquidity Positions: SteakHut offers the tools to seamlessly automate and optimize your concentrated liquidity positions, helping increase capital efficiency and swap rewards.
  • Cross-compatible Liquidity Provisioning: Access liquidity provisioning across multiple CLMMs and blockchains, aggregated into one specialized platform.
  • Permissionless Liquidity Strategy Creation and Management: SteakHut empowers users of all levels to create and manage liquidity strategies. Anyone can deploy a custom liquidity vault directly from the dApp.
  • Composable vault infrastructure: Create sophisticated liquidity strategies with up to 20 liquidity ranges per vault, cross-fee-tier strategies, and full inventory management.
  • Earn Rewards with Liquidity Farming: Maximize your returns by farming concentrated liquidity positions to earn rewards.
  • Performance Fee Earnings: Vault managers can opt to charge a performance fee on their own strategy to earn rewards.
  • Stake $STEAK for Enhanced Rewards: Stake your $STEAK into our token applications to earn a share of protocol profits, or to boost your farming rewards.

Creating the Liquidity Layer of Web3

SteakHut is creating “the liquidity layer of Web3.” Our novel smart contracts have been designed to allow cross-compatible liquidity management with all key CLMMs spanning multiple blockchains.
In a new form of liquidity aggregation users will be able to access and manage their liquidity across multiple AMMs, directly from SteakHut.

Supported Blockchains

More coming soon!

Supported CLMMs

More coming soon!

Redefining Liquidity

Combined with a market-leading dApp, the SteakHut platform will make sophisticated market-making tooling available for the first time across the Web3 landscape.
With SteakHut we are redefining what it means to be a liquidity provider. Our smart contracts offer the most adaptable and composable liquidity management toolset available, allowing for the creation of sophisticated market-making strategies on-chain.
Users will be able to access a range of automated strategies or create their own unique strategies to suit their needs.

The $STEAK Token

$STEAK token is the native governance and utility token of SteakHut. Steak-holders can access Steaking applications to unlock modular staking and utility for their tokens.
With the rewards application users are able to earn a share of protocol profits earned across the SteakHut platform. Boosting allows users to stake their $STEAK and unlock boosted farming rewards on their liquidity positions.
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