Brand Assets

SteakHut's Mission: To pioneer and deliver efficient on-chain liquidity solutions

SteakHut's Vision: Creating deep liquid markets for everyone's favorite tokens.

The Challange: SteakHut is a necessary response to the many downfalls that liquidity providers face with on-chain liquidity. Liquidity is fragmented, expensive, complex, and time-consuming.

The Solution: SteakHut creates user-focused products, helping create efficient liquidity solutions. Working directly with retail and institutional users, liquidity seekers, and builders, SteakHut creates the liquidity layer of Web3.

SteakHut Taglines

  • The Liquidity Layer of Web3

  • Re-envisioning liquidity

  • The platform for decentralized liquidity management and market-making solutions.

The SteakHut "Build Ethos"

Everything we build at SteakHut is centered around our build ethos, this governs the choices we make and the triaging of what we build and create.

Innovation First

SteakHut’s build ethos is “Innovation First”, as part of this we build for the future constantly striving to anticipate and address the most significant challenges that users may encounter within the Web3 landscape. This forward-thinking approach propels us to construct innovative products.

The SteakHut team is known for building classified projects in the "barn" during their incubation phase.

Our ultimate aim is to pioneer genuine innovation, pushing the boundaries of decentralized finance (DeFi) and driving it forward.

Community Centred

The SteakHut community, known as the Herd, is always the center of SteakHut. Since our inception, we have emphasized the importance and had a key focus on building a thriving fun community.

We love to create things that truly create value for our community. From striving for low-cost products, reward sharing, and creating fun art, we're committed to placing the SteakHut community at the heart of all that we do.

Security Always

In DeFi, Security is essential. This is why SteakHut prides itself on always pushing security.

We only work with well-known audited code and have built SteakHut from the ground up with the brilliance of our in-house tech founders. Security is never an afterthought, it's built throughout SteakHut.

The SteakHut logo is consistent with the $STEAK token logo, comprising the graphical "S & H" letters, the logo should be minimalistic reflecting the high-tech innovation of Web3, while also reflecting the community-centric branding with the SteakHut pink coloring.

The minimalistic logo (no background) can be used on plain dark backgrounds.

The SteakHut Typeface

The logo typeface is created using the "Cerebri Bold" font with the text in bold characters. Notably the letters "S" and "H" should always be capitalized.

The SteakHut Colour Palette






SteakHut Pink


Liquidity Blue


Deep Blue


The SteakHut Mascot

The SteakHut mascot, "Wagyu" is the face of our brand. Our mascot carries the SteakHut philosophy and emits our values. Wagyu helps to create a genuine connection with users.

The majority of community-based comms should include a reference to "Wagyu" the distinct and recognizable SteakHut mascot.

Codification helps improve brand awareness and salience, helping to keep it top of mind.

Wagyu originated as the voxel character and has expanded out to illustration, meme-based, and 3D mediums. The Wagyu character can take multiple forms but all retain key the key recognizable characteristics:

  • Black and white coloration and cow pattern spots, reminiscent of a dairy cow

  • White Horns

  • SteakHut pink nose (where applicable)

The SteakHut Emojis

Similarly to the mascot, SteakHut emojis are essential in the codification of the brand and ensuring congruity is important in emoji usage.

The "Cow Face" emoji is used in relation to SteakHut, and the "Steak/Cut of Meat" emoji is used in relation to the $STEAK token.

SteakHut has two primary emojis: 🐮🥩

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