Users can allocate xSTEAK to the boosting application to earn additional yield on their SteakHut Liquidity boosted rewards.

Through Participating in SteakHut's LM Rewards program, users can farm their LP tokens to receive extra APR on top of the strategy. This is paid out in STEAK tokens. By allocating xSTEAK to the boosting application you can earn a higher proportion of rewards.

SteakHut's Boosted Masterchef allows users to receive different boosted APRs depending on their allocated xSTEAK balance.

Calculating reward boosting

The boosting value for each position is calculated from the following elements:

  • The positions LP amount

  • The total staked LP amount across all positions and users

  • The positions allocated xSTEAK amount

  • The total allocated xSTEAK across all of the positions with the same LP

  • The LP max boost multiplier (can't exceed x2.5)

Users can receive up to 2.5x boosts on selected liquidity vaults.


Deallocating xSTEAK from the Boost application will stop the user from receiving boosted rewards. This can be completed at any time.

The deallocation fee is 0.5%, users who hold a STEAK.jpeg NFT are exempt from the deallocation fee.

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