Withdrawing Liquidity

How to remove liquidity from a strategy

1) Navigate to the SteakHut dApp and connect your wallet

If you haven't already, download a trusted web3 wallet like Metamask, Trustwallet, or Corewallet and ensure that you have enough blockchain tokens to cover gas fees.

Head over to the SteakHut website and launch our dApp.

Connect your wallet to the dApp by navigating to the top right corner and selecting connect. Ensure you are connected to the desired blockchain.

2) Find your liquidity vault

The liquidity tab allows you to view strategies available for you to deposit. From here you can browse through strategies and find which vault you are currently deposited in.

Firstly, double check you have selected your desired blockchain, in this example we have selected Avalanche. You can easily change this by selecting any of the supported chains from the drop-down in the top right.

Next, you can select the CLMM (DEX) you are deposited through, in this example, we are using Uniswap V3.

By selecting "My Pools" you can quickly find all the pools you are currently deposited in.

After finding your chosen pair, select "Deposit" to open the vault.

3) Navigate to the transaction card

After opening your desired vault you will see the transaction card which allows you to deposit or withdraw liquidity.

The transaction card is available under the "Overview" tab.

The transaction card is full of useful features to help make depositing easy. In this example, we are withdrawing from the AVAX-USDC vault.

In this example, we have a total number of 51 LP tokens within this vault. We can enter the desired amount to withdraw, or select MAX. Then, select "remove" and approve the transaction in your wallet when prompted.

If you are currently using a boosted farm, you must first withdraw from the boost before withdrawing from the strategy. This can be done via the "Boost" section of the transaction card.

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