Boosted Farming

How to enjoy boosted yields

SteakHut offers a number of boosted strategies. By depositing into a boosted strategy and then staking your LP tokens into the boost section you can earn extra rewards on top of your liquidity vault.

For more information refer to boosted farming:

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1) Navigate to the SteakHut dApp and connect your wallet

If you haven't already, download a trusted web3 wallet like Metamask, Trustwallet, or Corewallet and ensure that you have enough blockchain tokens to cover gas fees.

Head over to the SteakHut website and launch our dApp.

Connect your wallet to the dApp by navigating to the top right corner and selecting connect. Ensure you are connected to the desired blockchain.

2) Find a boosted liquidity vault and deposit

The liquidity tab allows you to view a range of liquidity strategies available for you to deposit. From here you can browse through strategies and select your desired token pair.

Boosted strategies will have a boost symbol displayed on the vault card. In this example, we can see that the WETH-USDC strategy allows us to earn bonus rewards.

We can select this strategy and deposit our tokens into the strategy as normal. For more information on depositing refer to the depositing liquidity guide:

pageDepositing Liquidity

By clicking on the APR we can view a complete breakdown of the APR, in this example, we can see that the vault's Fee APR is 10% and we can earn an extra 21.54% in bonus rewards.

3) Navigate to Boost and deposit your LP tokens

After depositing your tokens into the vault strategy you can now navigate to "boost" on the transaction card to earn bonus rewards.

In this card, we can see a full breakdown of rewards.

Base APR: The base APR is the amount of rewards you will earn by staking your tokens into the boost, this is paid out in xSTEAK tokens in real-time.

xSTEAK Boost: By using the xSTEAK boosting application you can earn even more rewards paid out in xSTEAK emissions.

Partner Emissions: On select strategies, we have partnered with other protocols to bring you even higher rewards by earning extra tokens.

We can now deposit our LP tokens. In this example we have a balance of 10 tokens, we can enter a desired amount to stake or select "max". Next, we must approve and deposit our LP tokens and confirm the transactions when prompted via our wallet.

3) Claiming rewards

After staking your tokens the boosted rewards will be earned in real-time. You can claim your rewards at any time. When rewards are available to be collected you can view these within the boost section of the transaction card.

Withdrawing LP tokens

To remove your tokens simply select remove and enter the amount of tokens to withdraw, and approve the transaction via your wallet. Note to remove your tokens completely you must then withdraw from the underlying vault strategy. For help in withdrawing liquidity refer to the below guide:

pageWithdrawing Liquidity

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