Revoke Permissions

Revoking permissions will remove approvals that you have made for your wallet to interact with contracts and dApp. Revoking permissions is usually good practice to help ensure the safety of your funds. Revoking permissions can sometimes be helpful if you are experiencing issues interacting and depositing with the dApp.

Revoking approvals vs. disconnecting apps: what's the difference?

  • Disconnecting your wallet from a dapp involves canceling permission for it to see your public address and your token balances, and, depending on what you originally consented to, stopping it from initiating transactions (although not executing them) and viewing past activity.

  • Revoking an approval/allowance means a dapp can no longer access the contents of your wallet and move them around.

How do I revoke approvals?

  • Head to the 'approval checker' section of the block explorer for the network you're using. For example, Etherscan, BscScan and Polygonscan all have a token approval checker function.

  • Use a platform such as:

Since token approvals are conducted on-chain, revoking the approval must also be on-chain. This means you need to pay gas fees for each revocation.

Source: Metamask, How to revoke smart contract allowances/token approvals

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