Managing a strategy

1) Navigate to the SteakHut dApp and connect your wallet

If you haven't already, download a trusted web3 wallet like Metamask, Trustwallet, or Corewallet and ensure that you have enough blockchain tokens to cover gas fees.

Head over to the SteakHut website and launch our dApp.

Connect your wallet to the dApp by navigating to the top right corner and selecting connect. Ensure you are connected to the desired blockchain in which you would like to manage a vault.

2) Locate your deployed strategy

Navigate to the "My Pools" sections to view all your currently deployed strategies. If you haven't created a strategy already then first read Creating a vault

In the below example, we have deployed two strategies that we can now manage. Select "Deposit" to open the vault strategy.

3) Navigating your strategy

After selecting your strategy you can now navigate through the tabs to gain insight into the strategy and manage the strategies positions.

  • Overview: The overview tab is a quick glimpse into the core metrics of the strategy. From here we can deposit and withdraw liquidity. View performance fees and see the key metrics of the vault's performance.

  • Analytics: Analytics allows us to dive into the SteakHut in-depth analytics suite. Our subgraph actively collected many data points allowing us to track the underlying performance and composition of the strategy

  • Ranges: The ranges tab allows us to view currently live liquidity ranges and the composition of undeployed liquidity. From here we can mint and burn new ranges, and manage the vault's inventory by swapping tokens or holding assets at spot.

  • Settings: The settings tab allows users to view the vault configuration. From here the vault manager can edit settings. Vaults can be made private or public, managers can allow whitelisted addresses and also create TVL caps to limit deposits into the strategy.

4) Minting, Burning and Rebalancing Ranges

Within the "Ranges" tab the strategy manager can mint and burn positions to rebalance the strategy.

Here we can see the strategy currently has two ranges active. Both of these have moved out of range as the market has fluctuated. We can select + Add Range to create a new range to supply liquidity. We can deploy up to 20 ranges within a single vault.

To burn a range simply press - in the top left of the range card, when you are ready to deploy the new strategy simply select Rebalance and the strategy will be redeployed. When burning a range the tokens from that range will be returned to the vault and passively held at spot, you can add another range to deploy these tokens.

To deploy another range select + Add Range, you will then be prompted which fee tier you would like to deploy the new liquidity range. SteakHut supports cross-fee-tier compatibility allowing you to deploy liquidity across multiple pools within a single strategy. It is important to note that when you first create a vault you will be prompted which fee tiers you would like to support.

In the liquidity graph, we can see the active price, where other liquidity providers are deployed as well as the area in which we will be deploying liquidity.

By toggling Full Range we can deploy liquidity across the entire price range from 0-∞. Alternatively, we can concentrate liquidity to our liking by using the slide bars to set a minimum and maximum price range or by manually typing in our desired range.

Distributions allow us to control how much of the total liquidity we would like to deploy to this new price range. After you have chosen your desired range select Add Range.

After adding or minting ranges, ensure to Rebalance to rebalance the strategy and deploy the new price ranges.

5) Inventory Management: Swapping Tokens

SteakHut gives managers the ability to manage the vault's inventory. By burning ranges, you can return liquidity to the vault to hold tokens passively at spot. You can also swap tokens to alter token composition within the vault.

In this strategy, we can see that at spot we currently hold 0 WAVAX and 7.455996 USDC. We can swap a desired amount of this USDC to WAVAX.

Within the ranges tab select Add Swap to swap idle tokens.

Here we can choose how we would like to swap idle tokens within the strategy. First, simply choose which of the two tokens you would like to swap for the corresponding asset. In this case, we are choosing to swap USDC for AVAX, we can swap a maximum of 7.455996 USDC as this is the total amount of USDC idle within the strategy.

After configuring your swap allocation select Create Swap.

After creating a swap you will notice your pending swaps within the "Ranges" tab. This swap will occur when you next rebalance the vault. The strategy manager can now continue managing the strategy by burning and minting ranges as necessary and when ready they can select rebalance which will execute all outstanding swaps, burns, and mints and redeploy liquidity within the strategy to their desired configuration.

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