Liquidity Providers

Enjoy automated and optimized liquidity

SteakHut offers a novel experience to liquidity providers, providing users with a range of tools to help manage and provide liquidity across multiple concentrated AMMs (CLMMs).

Decentralized liquidity provisioning is in its infancy with very limited platforms created for liquidity providers. SteakHut is cross-compatible across all key CLMMs and blockchains allowing liquidity providers to aggregate and manage their liquidity from one simple platform.

SteakHut's suite of liquidity-providing and market-making tooling allows users from beginners to institutions access to unique features to customise their liquidity. Notable features include automated rebalancing, composable liquidity structuring with multiple positions, cross-fee tier liquidity provision, and much more.

SteakHut Liquidity Vaults

SteakHut's liquidity vaults are non-custodial smart contracts that are decentralized and permissionless to create and manage. Liquidity providers can choose to deposit in a range of in-house SteakHut-created, or community-created strategies that automate their liquidity and earn rewards in the form of swap fees.

Liquidity providers can also create and manage their own liquidity vault directly from the SteakHut dApp. This flexibility enables users to tailor their liquidity strategies to their specific needs or allows communities and protocols to create custom private or public strategies.

Liquidity Automation

Concentrated liquidity management can be time-consuming and complex compared to traditional CFMM liquidity providing. SteakHut's liquidity vaults simplify the process by enabling users to deposit into strategies that automatically rebalance liquidity.

SteakHut's in-house strategies are built on back-tested data and rebalanced based on live pricing data to help keep your liquidity in range and earning swap fees while also reducing gas costs and unnecessary rebalancing.

SteakHut Analytics

SteakHut's analytics allow users to view a range of real-time data detailing the underlying performance and composition of strategies.

Our sophisticated subgraph collects on-chain data continuously, translating it into user-friendly graphs. This empowers liquidity providers to assess whether a strategy aligns with their objectives and make adjustments as needed.

Concentrated Farming: Boost your earnings

With SteakHut, liquidity providers can boost/farm their liquidity to earn bonus rewards in addition to swap fee rewards. We've allocated $STEAK tokens to a range of strategies across various DEXes and blockchains, allowing users to earn additional rewards.

Boosting is made possible by SteakHut's LP tokens, by depositing into a strategy you receive an ERC20 vault receipt token, which can then be staked to earn additional rewards on your concentrated liquidity positions with our selected boosted strategies.

SteakHut LP Tokens

When a user deposits into a SteakHut Liquidity vault they receive a SteakHut LP token, this is an ERC-20 vault receipt token representing their share of tokens in the underlying strategy.

SteakHut's LP tokens are unique to each vault and can be used for internal and external incentives, allowing for use cases such as liquidity mining rewards or concentrated positions as collateral.

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