Ownership of our smart contracts and all associated treasury assets has been transferred to a multi-sig contract. This multi-sig is owned by both a combination of SteakHut contributors, and reputable community team members.

The multi-sig has 2 representatives from each side and will require 3 votes total for any changes to be made to the contracts. This means that at least one member from either side must approve any changes.

MasterMultiSig Members

Please see below for the multi-sig address as well as the list of multi-sig signatories:

Multi-Sig address: 0xD316d2AA04d71Fd1E332437b0Cb5d261FD2F99AE

SteakHut Cofounders:

0xWagyu: 0x6A70c42Cf31275BDdf9522B61109FaAdBF8Cf228

0xRibeye: 0x491A800401E8792E8f7CccA5dBd276093Adb1D9b

Community Team:

XPKea: 0x1b1fdc374c5c9a87f01eadfae2ca5ad4c348382a

P456: 0x4d70CA9e7f75392D76204B81B7981eE8D0E17fe3

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