SteakHut's on-chain governance system allows users to implement changes to the SteakHut platform and govern key community-centric choices.

$STEAK is the governance token of SteakHut, and governance is enabled on STEAK and xSTEAK in the below voting powers:

  • STEAK (including OFT): 1

  • xSTEAK (including allocated): 1

  • Vesting xSTEAK: 0.5

Steak Governance can be used to determine token pairs that will be added to SteakHut's in-house liquidity strategies. Steak-holders can propose to have a SteakHut strategy created for an unsupported token pair.

Types of Proposals

  • Add token pairs

  • Support new compatible DEXes

  • Special key community-centric decisions put forth by the SteakHut team

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