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Boosted Rewards

Liquidity Mining Rewards
SteakHut Liquidity makes it possible to farm concentrated liquidity positions to earn liquidity mining (LM) rewards. This allows liquidity providers to earn bonus rewards in addition to their liquidity strategy.
LM Rewards are used to further incentivize liquidity provisioning on selected pairs and strategies. Strategies can be incentivized by SteakHut's partners as well as by SteakHut itself.
By incentivizing concentrated liquidity strategies this allows protocols to help attract liquidity providers and help create deep liquid markets for their tokens. Incentives on concentrated ranges allow for higher capital efficiencies for liquidity-seeking protocols.

Reward Types

LM Rewards Type
Boosted Rewards
Extra STEAK rewards if you boost using xSTEAK
Double Rewards
Double Token Rewards: STEAK + Token X
Single Rewards
One Token as a Reward

External Incentives and Partnerships

SteakHut Liquidity vault receipt tokens act as an ERC-20 wrapper on concentrated liquidity positions, allowing for the easy implementation of incentivized concentrated liquidity. This allows third-party incentive programs to easily integrate liquidity rewards on concentrated positions by using SteakHut's infrastructure.
Incentives can help attract capital quickly, helping protocols grow liquidity in crucial launch periods or helping new CLMMs bootstrap liquidity across their pools.
Incentives can also be used strategically to create aggressive liquidity strategies. Incentives can be used to boost rewards for highly concentrated strategies, or can be used for token pairs with low trading volumes to help reward liquidity providers.

Deploying an Incentive Program

SteakHut is looking to partner with protocol across Web3 to help create deep concentrated liquidity for their tokens and create incentives for their liquidity providers.
Protocols looking to work with SteakHut to launch incentive programs for their token can reach out to us directly.