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Create Vault

SteakHut's composable smart contracts allow for flexible and permissionless market-making and liquidity-providing strategies. This becomes possible through SteakHut's vault factory or "create-a-vault" feature that allows market-makers/protocols/liquidity seekers to access SteakHut's tooling.
SteakHut's vaults offer a permissionless and decentralized approach to custom liquidity provisioning. Anyone can create a unique liquidity management contract for either private or public usage. Liquidity providers can then deposit tokens into liquidity vaults to meet their liquidity needs.
The strategy creator has the option to implement a performance fee incentivizing the management of strategies.

Vault Characteristics and Accessibility

SteakHut's goal is to empower liquidity managers with highly flexible smart contracts allowing for a range of composable market-making strategies.

SteakHut's tooling allows:

  • Permissionless vault creation and management with no coding required
  • Composable liquidity distribution with up to 20 liquidity ranges managed per vault
  • Private and public vaults
  • Customizable vault settings including TVL limits, whitelisted addresses, and custom fees
  • Multiple fee tiers per vault, allowing for the management of liquidity simultaneously across multiple pools of the same pair.
  • Flexibility in the rebalancing of liquidity ranges
  • Slippage limits in rebalancing a strategy via swapping tokens
  • Performance fees can be enabled and controlled by the liquidity manager

Use Cases

SteakHut's infrastructure allows for permissionless deployment and management of liquidity strategies on key concentrated AMMs. This infrastructure allows for a range of market-making strategies to be easily deployed using SteakHut's composable smart contracts. This allows the strategy manager to create a vault for any supported token pair, enabling support for any fee-tier liquidity pool (including multiple fee tiers), of which the liquidity manager can manage up to 20 liquidity ranges within a single vault.

Through SteakHut's tooling possible use cases include:

  • A liquidity manager creating their own unique strategy to earn performance fees.
  • A liquidity seeker/platform creating a strategy to incentivize liquidity to a concentrated range.
  • A liquidity seeker/platform created an automated and optimized vault to manage their POL.
  • A lending and borrowing platform creating a V3 strategy to enable it as collateral or as an available yield source.
  • Market-makers managing their liquidity across multiple AMMs and blockchains from one dedicated platform.