Enjoy real-yield rewards from the SteakHut platform

Users can allocate their xSTEAK to the rewards application to earn a share of real-yield protocol rewards.

Rewards are distributed in the form of one or more tokens and are distributed continuously, through weekly epochs.

Understanding Epochs

Our distribution logic operates on a weekly epoch system: every week, a fixed part of the owner-defined accumulated tokens is marked to be distributed. This allocation is subsequently distributed consistently over the course of seven days.

Rewards will be accrued from across the SteakHut platform: SteakHut Liquidity V2 and SteakHut legacy products.

Payouts handling

Rewards attributed to the Rewards application are distributed equally throughout the seven-day epoch period. These rewards are earned in real-time, each second, by users who have allocated xSTEAK to the Rewards application. The distribution is proportionate to the user's share of the total allocation.

Users can harvest their rewards at any time.


Deallocating xSTEAK from the Rewards plugin will stop the user from earning rewards. This can be completed at any time.

The deallocation fee is 0.5%, users who hold a STEAK.jpeg NFT are exempt from the deallocation fee.

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