SteakHut Finance

Liquidity as a service

Making integrating the Liquidity Book easy and permissionless!
For protocols operating with Trader Joe LP tokens or holding POL, SteakHut’s active liquidity product offers a new primitive to create liquidity strategies.
With SteakHut you can create your own permissionless automated liquidity provision strategies.

Permissionless vault creation and management

SteakHut Liquidity vaults are permissionless to create using the vault factory. SteakHut makes optimizing and automating concentrated DEX liquidity simple.
Protocols can deploy vaults and either choose to manually or automatically manage the liquidity position to suit their needs. The vault receipt token acts as an ERC20 wrapper allowing for endless strategies to be built and deployed on DEX V2 liquidity positions.

The capabilities of these vaults are the following:

  • ERC20 wrapper for Trader Joe V2 (Liquidity Book) LP Positions
  • Allow deploying of vaults with a desired bin range on any Trader Joe V2 pair
  • Allow for manager role to control the LP range
  • Allow for manager role to re-range the partial position or total position
  • Allow for liquidity mining rewards to be distributed to depositors
  • Fully non-custodial
  • Fully Fungible

Use Cases

SteakHut Liquidity vaults allow the creation of ERC-20 LP tokens automatically exposed to an LP position in the underlying automated strategy. This design allows for a new primitive for building on top of Trader Joe's Liquidity Book that removes the complexities of liquidity management.
Permissionless vaults make possible innovations that we have seen on top of the original V1 Trader Joe AMM such as liquidity mining, POL, and LP tokens as collateral.
Moreover, SteakHut opens the door for a new area of decentralized market-making with the potential for tokenized products like:
  • Liquidity as a service
  • Auto-Hedged delta neutral LP positions
  • LP positions coupled with lending/borrowing or options markets
  • Automated POL
  • Deep liquidity with low-or-no incentives
  • Liquidity mining

Liquidity Mining

SteakHut Liquidity will allow token pairs to incentivize deep liquidity on Trader Joe's DEX V2 with permissionless liquidity mining farm options.
Liquidity mining on non-concentrated liquidity was relatively simple. A user deposited liquidity on an exchange and then deposited the LP tokens in a staking contract to receive rewards. However, with the implementation of concentrated liquidity, a liquidity mining program is no longer an easy task for a project to implement.
SteakHut Liquidity vault receipt tokens act as an ERC-20 wrapper on concentrated liquidity positions, allowing for the easy implementation of incentivized liquidity.
This can be completed in a completely permissionless manner, allowing a protocol to deposit whitelisted tokens into the rewarder as they choose.
Liquidity Mining coming shortly after the launch of SteakHut Liquidity.
If you are a protocol looking to work with SteakHut Liquidity feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or Telegram @steakhut