Participating in Governance

Vote with your $STEAK

STEAK is SteakHut's native governance token which can be used to vote on governance proposals relating to protocol directions and native SteakHut liquidity strategies.

SteakHut uses Snapshot to conduct on-chain voting.

1) Navigate to the SteakHut dApp and select "Vote in Governance"

Head over to the SteakHut website and launch our dApp.

Vote in Governance will redirect you to the official SteakHut Snapshot page.

2) Navigating Snapshot

From SteakHut's Snapshot, you can view current and past proposals and begin voting. You can also select join to follow our proposals closely and keep up to date.

Remember to connect your wallet to Snapshot to participate.

3) Vote

When a proposal is live on Snapshot you can easily cast your vote to participate. The SteakHut Discord features a Governance Channel allowing you to discuss your options with other community members and to learn more.

STEAK tokens across multiple forms are accepted in governance votes. This includes:

  • Native $STEAK

  • $STEAK OFT ($STEAK on Arbitrum)

  • xSTEAK held in wallet

  • Allocated xSTEAK

  • Redeeming xSTEAK (Counted at half of the tokens vesting)

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