SteakHut Finance

Community Treasury

Show me the money!
SteakHut Finance will operate two core Treasuries as follows:
  • SteakHut Voter Contract
  • SteakHut Community Treasury
All contracts are secured through SteakHut's MasterMultisig.
MasterMultiSig: 0xD316d2AA04d71Fd1E332437b0Cb5d261FD2F99AE

SteakHut Voter Contract

The SteakHut Voter Contract is the dedicated treasury for all staked veJOE and liquid rewarded JOE assets owned by the Herd.
The sole purpose of all funds will be to maximize veJOE farming. Returns will be supplied to LP Token holders after fees as per SteakHut's Fees and Rewards.


The Voter Contract will only be used in optimizing veJOE farming
As per the current veJOE guidelines, the Voter Contract will remain staked and blackholed into veJOE to ensure maximum yields. 💎🤲

SteakHut Treasury

The SteakHut treasury is the underlying assets generated by the protocol.
The community treasury is currently operated through the MasterMultiSig.
The community treasury may be used to fund buybacks and profit shares to return capital to STEAK-Holders.


The community treasury serves to hold profits and return revenue shares to STEAK-Holders.