SteakHut Finance

SteakHut for STEAK-Holders

What was that about Barbecues?

Hold $STEAK and Earn:

  • Revenue share paid in $JOE
  • Governance voting rights
  • Special limited promos
STEAK-Holders receive a share in profits revenue share staking.

Profit Share for STEAK-Holders

STEAK-Holders are entitled to receive a share of revenues generated by protocol fees.
The profit share will be paid out of revenues generated by the platform's performance fees. The fees will be operated on a sliding scale from 3-20% optimized for the best outcomes for both LP depositors, Zappers, and STEAK-Holders.
The performance fee will be utilized as follows:
  • Distributed to $STEAK-Holders (50%)
  • Distributed to JOE zappers to incentivize zapping (50%) initially Zappers will be incentivized with $STEAK emissions.
The 50/50 split is subject to change as the protocol matures.