Passive Strategies

Automate and optimize your liquidity!
Most users will be accustomed to a set-and-forget approach to liquidity providing. Concentrated liquidity allows for greater opportunities for liquidity providers, but at the added cost of a complex, and time-consuming liquidity management process.
SteakHut's passive liquidity provisions completely automate your liquidity. The passive liquidity vaults automatically rebalance capital around the active price range, auto-compound trading fees, and rewards, and optimize your liquidity structure.

Liquidity Structuring

When depositing tokens users are able to choose between one of two passively managed options for each pool type:
  • Balanced
  • Concentrated
SteakHut’s strategies are uniquely designed for each token pair, non-stable strategies utilize a Dynamic strategy, while the Stablecoin pairs will use SteakHut’s Stable strategy.