Concentrated Reward Farms (Boost)

BOOST your V2 Liquidity!

What are Concentrated Reward Farms?

Concentrated Reward Farms allow liquidity providers to earn bonus rewards for providing liquidity. With SteakHut Liquidity it becomes possible to incentivize liquidity providers with reward farms, just like what was possible on Trader Joe's V1 pools.
Users stake their SH LB tokens and earn bonus reward tokens.

Benefits of Yield Farming

  • Yield Farming can be a lucrative way to earn extra rewards from bonus tokens
  • Improve your assets capital efficiency by utilizing Idle tokens sitting in your Wallet
  • Helping to support deep, efficient liquidity to token pairs across Web 3

Partnering with protocols across Web3

SteakHut is looking to partner with protocol across Web3 to help create deep concentrated liquidity for their tokens and bring JUICY rewards to liquidity providers.
With SteakHut Liquidity, protocols can easily set up rewards to pay out to their farmer.