Active Strategies

Coming soon: A curated marketplace of strategies!

Coming Soon!

Liquidity should not be treated as a one-size-fits-all approach. The liquidity Book allows for endless ways to structure liquidity depending on risk tolerance and objectives.
SteakHut allows a curated marketplace of liquidity strategies. Strategists can permissionless create and manage liquidity to earn a share of vault performance fees.

Permissionless Vaults

SteakHut Liquidity permissionless vaults allow anyone to create a liquidity vault strategy on-top of the Trader Joe Liquidity Book.
Users will be able to view a range of whitelisted strategists and select a strategy. Users can read the philosophy behind the strategies, check past performance and easily stake their tokens into the strategy.
Strategists are then able to structure liquidity and call a rebalance and reinvest as required to manage the liquidity around their investment philosophy.

What can strategists earn?

For actively managed custom strategies the total fee is set between 10-20% as chosen by the strategist. This fee is then divided among the following:
SteakHut protocol fee = 77% of fee
Strategist = 12% of fee
Caller = 11% of fee