SteakHut Finance


Put your tokens to work!
SteakHut brings low-cost accessible DeFi strategies to Avalanche with our range of auto-compounders.
Our vaults automatically convert your rewards back into the underlying staked token, and reinvest it into the pool allowing you to sit back and enjoy compounded yields!

Auto-compounding Vault Fees

Performance Fee: 4%
SteakHut’s ultra-low-cost auto-compounders have a small performance fee of only 4%. This is calculated only on the reward amount for each compound.
The transaction costs associated with auto-compounding are also socialized among all users, further reducing any fees.
Performance Fee breakdown:
  • 4% Accrued by SteakHut treasury
Fee example: a user with $1,000 staked into the strategy earning 10% in rewards would only realize 4% fees paid on the $100 in rewards ($4). This is automatically realized during each compounding period.

The Compound Button

From time to time you may notice The Compound Button on our auto-compounding pool.
The button takes all pending rewards from a farm, converts them into the required asset, and reinvests them back into the farm, compounding everyone's rewards.
You don't need to push the button, but if you do you can receive a small portion of rewards and the pride of helping everyone enjoy boosted yields.