sJOE Compounder

Put your $JOE on autopilot
SteakHut has built the ultimate ultra-low cost sJOE auto-compounding pool. SteakHut’s sJOE pool stakes your $JOE into Trader Joe’s sJOE staking, and then automatically converts your rewards back into $JOE and reinvests it into the pool!
This means with SteakHut’s sJOE pool not only do we take all the work out of your staking, but we also allow you to unleash the full effects of the sJOE flywheel and auto-compounding.

How to stake your $JOE

Head over to the SteakHut dApp and find our sJOE farm. On the sJOE card, you can display all your important information:
TVL: The total number of $JOE tokens deposited into the strategy.
My Stake: The number of $JOE tokens you have deposited.
APY: Annual Percentage Yield, is the normalized representation of an interest rate, based on a compounding period over one year.
You can then stake your $JOE into the pool by entering the number of tokens to stake or selecting max to stake all your $JOE tokens. You may be prompted to ‘Approve’ the contract first.

What is an auto-compounder?

The sJOE strategy is a very simple farm that allows you to grow your $JOE balance, and eliminates all the work!
What you do: Stake your $JOE
What our smart contracts do:
  1. 1.
    Your $JOE is deposited into Trader Joe's sJOE staking. sJOE staking may have a deposit fee charged by Trader Joe (0-3%) you may notice this from your $JOE deposit.
  2. 2.
    sJOE staking rewards USDC paid on your $JOE every few days, once rewards are high enough to pay out.
  3. 3.
    Our smart contracts convert your USDC back into $JOE tokens and redeposit them into the strategy for you.
  4. 4.
    Your $JOE balance automatically grows over time, no need to harvest, our smart contracts do all the work. You can unstake all your $JOE at any time without penalty.

sJOE Farm Fees

Performance Fee: 2.5%
Deposit Fee: 0-3% (Dictated and charged by Trader Joe)
SteakHut’s ultra-low-cost sJOE auto-compounder has a small performance fee of only 2.5%. This is calculated only on the reward amount for each compound.
The transaction costs associated with auto-compounding are also socialized among all users, further reducing any fees.
Performance Fee breakdown:
  • 2.2225% Accrued by SteakHut treasury
  • 0.2775% Paid to the user to compound
Fee example: a user with $1,000 staked into the strategy earning 30% in rewards would only realize 2.5% fees paid on the $300 in rewards ($7.5). This is automatically realized during each compounding period.

The Compound Button

From time to time you may notice The Compound Button on our auto-compounding pool.
The button takes all pending rewards from a farm, converts them into the required asset, and reinvests them back into the farm, compounding everyone's rewards.
You don't need to push the button, but if you do you can receive a small portion of rewards and the pride of helping everyone enjoy boosted yields.